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Fergus McPhail – Double Trouble (2004)


Fergus McPhail (Sean Ohlendorf) and his family have just arrived in Melbourne. Fergus catches the attention of the attractive Angela (Heli Simpson) and Sophie (Megan Harrington) when they see him in a wheelchair. Fergus also makes a lifelong friend of the asthmatic Lambert (Michael Harrison) when he saves him from the local bully, Richmond (Marcus Costello), and his sidekick Declan (Steven Bahnsen). In the local café, the girls discover Fergus can really walk when he is confronted by Richmond and runs away.

Curator’s notes

This opening episode captures the look and feel of the series. The hapless Fergus, who is probably the biggest dag around, is trying to be cool as he attempts to settle into his new life. Of course all does not go to plan, usually because of the interference of his optimistic ‘can-do’ alter ego, a quirky and interesting touch.