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Fashionista – Nicolas Jurnjack (2004)


Nicholas Jurnjack is a hair stylist who insists that fashion photography is all about lighting. He hails from Marseilles and was offered a choice of a plumbing or hairdressing apprenticeship as his first job. He chose plumbing but when he arrived to start work on the first day, the site was empty. So he moved across to hairdressing. After starting at the bottom in a local salon, he had his great break when he came to Paris and found himself selected from 500 hairdressers and photographers to work for Vogue. He’s never looked back.

Curator’s notes

It’s amazing to see how hair is styled for a top fashion shoot. Nicholas Jurnjack likes the sense of teamwork working as stylist with a model and photographer. And he’s wonderfully opinionated. These days he has every reason to be as he’s usually working for one of the great designers, including Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs, and the very best fashion magazines.

Lee Lin Chin is an SBS icon and has been with the multicultural broadcaster since the late 1980s. Her idiosyncratic fashion style and speech mannerisms have made her a much-loved and much-parodied television personality. She was born and grew up in Singapore where she began her media career. Her fashion sense and love of designer clothing made her the natural choice as the presenter of Fashionista. She’s a self-confessed fashion junkie. She loves to try on the fashion range of whichever designer she’s featuring and manages to look stunning in most of the outfits. Whether she’s laughing at herself in one of the designer outfits or talking seriously about the business of fashion design, the program is always interesting.