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Faireez – A Chilling Plot (2005)


Quincy Questholler, Faireezia’s flying security guard, panics again! This time the weather has gone mad in sunny Faireezia, and it is snowing. Of course it is Jumpalina, the big-footed baddy in her floating castle, up to her tricks again. Wise fairy master Higgeldy decides it’s time for a fact-finding mission for the young faireez. He sends them off to find special berries on the mountain that will reverse Jumpalina’s freeze spell. Unfortunately, the faireez are captured by Jumpalina’s underlings, Sir Jumphrey and the Spyballs. The arrival of the scary Hairy Feet gives the faireez the chance to escape and find the berries. All is well again in Faireezia – until next time that is.

Curator’s notes

This is a typical Faireez episode, written by the talented and experienced children’s scriptwriter Ray Boseley whose credits include G2G, Book Bug, The Eggs, Halfway Across the Galaxy And Turn Left, Lift Off, Round The Twist, Legacy of the Silver Shadow, Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers, Sky Trackers, Scooter: Secret Agent, Silver Sun and Hi-5.

The series has each episode follow a very structured narrative format, making it predictable for young viewers. First, Faireezia’s flying security guard Quincy Questholler alerts the faireez school to the wicked Jumpalina’s latest antics, and then wise fairy master Higgeldy sets the young Faireez a task to help save the day, along with some advice. He reappears at the end of the episode to bring it all together, and in between it is up to the faireez to work out how to defeat the baddies, drawing on what he has taught them. The cute regular little post-credits spot starring the not too smart Spyballs, Blink, Squint and Ogle is something kids would look forward to.