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Cybergirl – Series 1 Episode 1 (2000)


Cybergirl (Ania Stepien), ‘the most human of superheroes’, is a fun-loving teenager who just happens to be the only Cyber Replicant Human Prototype 6000. From a galaxy ‘not that far away’, Cybergirl has incredible strength and the ability to ‘go online’ with electronic devices including computers. She is also programmed to develop feelings and human emotions.

A ‘design flaw’ – curiosity – leads her to visit Earth. She is pursued by fellow cyber replicants Isaac (Ric Anderson) and Xanda (Jennifer Congram) whose mission is to destroy her. Cybergirl takes refuge with 14-year-old Jackson (Craig Horner) and his naïve scientist father Hugh Campbell (Mark Owen-Taylor). Hugh is visiting River City in search of a job. Cybergirl, with Xanda and Isaac in hot pursuit, makes a big first impression on Jackson.

Curator’s notes

Jonathan Shiff, creator and executive producer of Cybergirl, set out to create a show 'for the technologically savvy children of today’. Shiff’s previous series Ocean Girl (1994–97) also featured a female teenage lead but focused on environmental themes while Cybergirl aims to explore ‘the balance between humans and technology’.

Cybergirl is part of a rich tradition of Australian science-fiction drama for children. In the first 20 years of Australian television, seven science-fiction shows for children were produced, all by or for the ABC. They include The Stranger (see The Stranger – Series 1 Episode 1, 1964) and Wandjina! (1966); the trilogy of The Interpretatis (1966), Vega 4 (1968) and Phoenix Five (1970); and Alpha Scorpio (1974) and Andra (1976). More recently, The Girl From Tomorrow (1991–92) also features a female protagonist, following the time-travel adventures of Alana, a spirited 13-year-old girl from the year 3000.

Cybergirl screened on the Ten Network from 21 July 2001. This is episode one in a 26-part series.