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Compass – Buddha Realms, Part 1 (2001)


Buddhism is one of the world’s oldest religions; it’s older than both Christianity and Islam and, like those faiths, its influence has spread throughout the world. This program traces the development of this ancient religion from its origins in India, across the continent of Asia, to its newest converts in the West.

Curator’s notes

Dr Rachel Kohn is well known as a religious broadcaster in Australia. She takes us on a fascinating and most informative exploration of the world of Buddhism and why it still has relevance to the world of the 21st Century.

One of the strengths of Compass is its ability to draw on the vast knowledge base of the Religion and Ethics Unit at the ABC. Dr Kohn is a regular on ABC Radio National, and has spent many years explaining difficult concepts in a really interesting and arresting way. In this case, she tackles one of the world’s great religions to give us a program which could be subtitled 'Buddhism for Beginners’.