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Backchat, Episode 217 (1988)


In this program of audience response to ABC programs on television and radio, there’s appreciation for the ABC fillers, which can be seen behind the logo, as well as the ABC’s radio coverage of the Seoul Olympics. Tim Bowden the presenter must also explain the sad reality that the ABC does not have the rights to televise those Olympics. The program concludes with brickbats and bouquets for ABC religious programs.

Curator’s notes

Backchat (1986-1995) was a twice-weekly ABC television program from its Presentation Department. Viewers were encouraged to write to the broadcaster. Their letters, sometimes splenetic, sometimes full of praise, sometimes adding something special to a particular debate, were entertaining and informative.

The show’s presenter was Tim Bowden who always had a gentle and witty response to the criticism or praise of a particular program. His loveable persona ensured that Backchat was one of the most watched ABC programs from its beginnings until he left it eight and a half years later.