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Australian Story – With This Ring (2005)


When Australian Story first recorded the life of this gutsy young couple, Gayle and Mac Shann were newly married and struggling to come to terms with the horrific injuries that Gayle had sustained when she became entangled in a drilling machine on their property. Two years later, Australian Story revisited the couple to bring their remarkable story up-to-date. Gayle has come through some major surgery to improve the use of her paralysed left arm and hand while the pair continue a day at a time to adapt their lives so that she can work around the station alongside her husband as they always wanted before the accident.

Curator’s notes

A deeply moving story and the one voted by audiences as one of the most loved ten programs of the decade since Australian Story began. The documentary has sensitive recreations and great moments of intimacy from this searingly honest couple. The story is introduced by the series presenter, the serene Caroline Jones.

The story shows not only a remarkable relationship but also some of the qualities of bush people that stand them in such good stead when tragedy strikes. Through home movies and recollections of family and friends, we discover a young woman who was always a tireless worker who demanded the most from herself, qualities that are sustaining her through these terrible times. Thanks to the wonders of modern surgery, Gayle has been able to improve the use of her until now paralysed left arm and hand.