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Snowy Hydro - Snowy 69 (1969)


In 1969 the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electricity Authority (SMHEA) was entering the final stages of its twenty five year construction period. Produced by the Scheme’s own photographic unit (Harry Malcolm et al. with narration by James Dibble), the film explains the complex workings of the scheme.

Curator’s notes

The Snowy Mountains Scheme was a huge and complex undertaking and as work began drawing to a close, it became apparent that the Scheme was extremely difficult for the public – who’d funded its construction – to understand. This 1969 film makes a concerted effort to explain the many facets of the scheme, how they were interconnected, how they would work together and how the system was being built.

The film describes its complex system of water diversion and storage, power generation and irrigation flows, as well as the way in which construction was being coordinated by a conglomerate of organisations.