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Eyes Right (c.1950)


This short film produced by Castlereagh Film discusses how to protect and care for the eyes. Addressed to children and their parents, it explains how the eye sees by comparing it to a camera, and advises on how to avoid damaging the eye or adversely affecting your eyesight.

Curator’s notes

Eyes Right uses close-up shots of eyes, diagrams and anatomical models of eyes to show how the eyes work, what damages the eyes and how to care for and protect them. The film explains how reading and similar activities require good light in order to avoid eye strain. It also describes how to remove foreign matter from a person’s eye, and addresses the problem of poor sight in the classroom.

The Department of Health organised community meetings in suburban Sydney and rural NSW to screen its films and also showed them in cinemas to mark events like Health Week. This film might have been shown to members of the health profession as an educational tool.

Films like Eyes Right, produced for the NSW Department of Health, created awareness of health issues of major concern. Other short films made for the department around this time concern noise pollution (Disturber of the Peace, c1945), dengue fever (Poisoned Daggers, c1941) and the School Medical Service (The Happy Years, c1958). There are more messages about eye safety in Think Twice (1958), made just a few years later by the WWF Film Unit.