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Action Loop (1978)


Produced by the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Authority, this documentary promotes the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop as a way of meeting Melbourne’s growing public transport needs. It includes footage of Melbourne’s CBD, scenes of the loop under construction, architectural models of the new stations and animated sequences to illustrate the plans for the new railway system. Voice-over narration is provided by film and television actor Michael Pate.

Curator’s notes

The project to build the underground electric railway system was begun in 1971 and was well underway at the time this documentary was made. The film was probably conceived as a public relations exercise by the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Authority to inform Melburnians of the project’s progress and project a positive vision of how the new underground loop would be an investment in the city’s future. It clearly outlines all stages in the project as it stood in 1978 including the planning, design and construction phases. Because people in Melbourne were yet to experience an underground rail system, models, graphics and animated sequences are used to effectively illustrate how the proposed loop will extend the current system (see clip one and clip two).