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Bit of Black Business – Two Big Boys (2007)


Brothers Scott (Michael Tuahine) and Nick (David Page) are at a drive-through restaurant. Through their playful banter we discover that Nick is dubious about Scott’s intentions for ordering up big. It’s not a good day for Nick because Scott’s car breaks down and he is obliged to get out and push. A speed bump brings their relationship to crisis point.

Curator’s notes

Directed and written by Jon Bell, Two Big Boys is both an order for a burger deal and a metaphor for a brotherly relationship.

Older brother Nick is actually the smaller of the two, and the passenger of the car, yet he treats Scott in a fatherly way. Scott, in turn, relies on his older brother and apparently looks up to him. After the car breaks down, Nick storms off and Scott realises he can’t manage on his own. Like all good big brothers, Nick is keeping a watchful eye and returns to assist. Overcoming the speed bump together is a moment of triumph, and relief.

A key element to the comedic delivery of this film is the music composed by David McCormack and Andrew Lancaster.

Two Big Boys was produced by Kath Shelper as part of the Bit of Black Business initiative by the Indigenous unit of the AFC, and premiered at the 2007 Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival in Sydney.