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Redfern Beach (2001)


Max (Michael Tuahine), a worker in a fishmonger’s factory, falls in love with Dimitra (Phaedra Nicolaidis), the daughter of the factory owner (Nicholas Papademetriou). Dimitra’s father refuses to accept the relationship.

Curator’s notes

Set in a fish-processing factory, Redfern Beach, looks at the life of a young man who falls in love with the boss’s daughter. The work appears hard, tiring and repetitive and the environment cold, wet and unfriendly, making this a most unlikely place to find love.

With a minimal script, Redfern Beach employs visual language to convey meaning, sentiment and emotion. This beautifully shot film uses black-and-white imagery, laced with intermittent colour, to transform the banal and mundane into the surreal and fantastic.

The lure and the fish provide a metaphor for the love between the two characters. As Max learns to follow his heart, he and Dimitra overcome all obstacles and move from the darkness to the light.

Director Catriona McKenzie made this short film while a student at the Australian Film, Televison and Radio School. Since then, she has directed for TV, created video installations and made her first feature, Satellite Boy (2012).