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Wicked Science (2003 - 2005)

Children's series
52 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Wicked Science Series One is the story of two fifteen-year-olds, all-round good bloke Toby (André de Vanny) and the unpopular Elizabeth (Bridget Neval), who are hit by a mysterious ray and turned into scientific geniuses. Toby is uneasy with his new powers but Elizabeth is not. The nerdy teacher’s pet revels in it, becoming a super-smart evil megalomaniac. With the help of her inept sidekick Verity (Emma Leonard), she will use her powers to get whatever she wants – starting with control of Sandy Bay School. Toby, his mate Russ (Ben Schmideg) and friend Dina (Saskia Burmeister) try their hardest to thwart her plans, and their normal world is turned upside down by invisible cars, flying lawnmowers, a cloned school principal and a rampaging T-Rex! The battlelines are drawn between the two wizards of science. Will the evil genius succeed?

In series two, the battle continues between Toby and Elizabeth. This time, Elizabeth takes control of the school and wipes everybody’s memories. Still trying to get Toby to fall in love with her, she plays a bit smarter but then falls for Jack (Nikolai Nikolaeff), the unscrupulous, manipulative but charming new boy who is determined to take Elizabeth and Toby’s powers for himself.

Curator’s Notes:

Wicked Science is a funny, imaginative comedy-drama series with lashings of surprisingly compelling physics and chemistry mixed with the romance, conflict and relationship dramas offered by the chaotic nature of high school life. Producer Jonathan Shiff describes Wicked Science as very much driven by Elizabeth’s desire to catch Toby’s attention but instead of witchcraft or magic it is science she uses as the tool. Bridget Neval’s cold, calculating, evil Elizabeth is a terrific villain, and her character’s creative use of science to defeat her rivals is an interesting twist on the bitchy girl theme, although the rivalry between Elizabeth and Dina is a little over the top at times.

Talented actor Saskia Burmeister (Hating Alison Ashley, 2005) plays the role of Dina, Toby’s sidekick and antagonist for the wicked Elizabeth, absolutely beautifully in Series One. In Series Two, with Burmeister’s film career taking off, her character Dina was replaced with Sasha, played by veteran young actor Greta Larkins (Guinevere Jones and Holly’s Heroes).

Titles in this series

Wicked Science – Episode 1, The Gift 2003

On their first day back at Sandy Bay High School, Toby (André de Vanny) and Elizabeth (Bridget Neval) are zapped by a strange ray and become instant scientific geniuses. The battlelines are drawn when Elizabeth interferes with Toby’s first ‘scientific ...