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What’s Your Poison? (1992 - 1992)

Magazine program
5 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

A five-part Quantum special that aired in the weekly science timeslot on ABC television, What’s Your Poison? examined the drugs nicotine, alcohol, ecstasy, marijuana and caffeine. The program provided reliable scientific and other information about the origins, uses and effects of the drugs, especially illicit substances such as ecstasy and marijuana.

Curator’s Notes:

The series was conceived and presented by Geoffrey Burchfield, an experienced journalist with the ABC’s science magazine series Quantum (1984-2001). What’s Your Poison interviewed scientists all over the world in order to include the very latest research about each of these drugs.

Each program in the series carried a slogan to intrigue the viewer. For example ecstasy was described as the 'party drug’, 'everyone’s drug’ was caffeine, while alcohol was labelled the 'deceptive drug’, marijuana the 'forbidden drug’ and nicotine the 'desirable drug’ because it is one of the most addictive.

Titles in this series

What’s Your Poison? – Ecstasy 1997

The aim of What’s Your Poison was to explain the science of recreational drugs and examine them in an atmosphere free of moral and political overtones. The program attempts to explain the facts and dispel some of the myths that ...