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Torque (1973 - 1980)

Magazine program
69 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

A no holds barred examination of the automotive industry by motor journalist and ex-racing driver Peter Wherrett.

Curator’s Notes:

Torque is a catchy title but what does it mean? 'Torque’ is a twisting or rotating force; in a mechanism, it is the system of forces producing rotation. A 'torque converter’ is a device that varies or multiplies torque, especially as part of an automatic transmission system in a motor vehicle. Plus, of course, it’s a neat pun on 'talk’.

Peter Wherrett is great talent and really knows his subject – the ins and outs of the auto industry. That combination of talent and knowledge is important for a show highlighting the positives and negatives of one of the richest industries in the world. Peter Wherrett used to say that having Torque on the ABC meant that he was never beholden to any advertiser and could say things as he saw them. He was known to criticise a car’s lack of safety, but he was also quick to praise great design or innovative features whenever he came across them.

Titles in this series

Torque – Series 1, Episode 8 1974

A roundtable discussion arising out of the unacceptable road toll in Australia is introduced by program presenter Peter Wherrett and convened by Four Corners (2008) journalist Jim Downes. Those taking part include: Dr Michael Henderson, head of the traffic accident ...

Torque – Series 4, Episode 10 1980

Motoring journalist and ex-racing car driver Peter Wherrett describes what not to do when driving on the road. This includes being in a hurry, which increases stress levels, driving when tired, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. ...