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Tabaluga (1997 - 2003)

Children's series
78 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Tabaluga is the animated story of the last surviving dragon on earth. The tiny green hero uses courage and kindness, combined with some incredible fire-breathing and flying skills, to outsmart his adversaries.

In series one (1997, 26 episodes), the tiny Tabaluga is born and discovers he is a dragon. He also discovers he has a mission – to save his home, Greenland, and his friends, by outsmarting his adversary, the evil Arktos, who dreams of covering the world with ice and snow.

In series two (2001, 26 episodes), with his old friends by his side, Tabaluga continues to protect his beautiful homeland, Greenland. Arktos is up to his old tricks, but now Greenland also has a new adversary – Humsin, lord of the desert, whose evil threatens the very balance of nature.

In series three (2003, 26 episodes), Tabaluga sets off on a quest to find the magical and powerful pendant that his father Tyrion wore. The quest takes him to the four corners of the earth, with Arktos, the wicked snowman, right behind him. Will Arktos get the pendant for his own evil use?

Curator’s Notes:

Tabaluga is another multi-series 2D animation from the prolific animation producer, Yoram Gross. A German co-production, for quite young children, Tabaluga is based on a popular German character with its own book and stage show, created by German rock musician, Peter Maffay. Maffay originally composed a very successful album of children’s songs about Tabaluga, with a picture book written by Gregor Rottschalk and illustrated by German artist Helme Heine. This lead to a hugely successful German stage show before this animation series was licensed by Gross.

Unlike Yoram Gross’s earlier Australian themed animation productions, the Dot films, Blinky Bill (1992) and Skippy Adventures in Bushtown (1997), Tabaluga is a very international looking and sounding series with a mix of animals and accents from around the world. This diversity of the accents is an interesting feature of the series, as all voices are still provided by the remarkable voice talents of Australian actors Keith Scott, Robyn Moore and Jamie Oxenbould, Yoram Gross production stalwarts, who also completely voiced the earlier Australian sounding series.

Titles in this series

Tabaluga – The Last One of His Kind 1997

Born at a time when he is needed most, the tiny, naïve but brave Tabaluga is the last dragon on earth. A delightful hero, Tabaluga uses courage and kindness, combined with his growing prowess at fire-breathing and flying, to outsmart ...