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Snobs (2003 - 2003)

Children's series
26 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

The middle class citizens of Eden Beach, a pretty, tranquil village on Sydney’s northern beaches, are challenged when a group of alternative travellers or modern day nomads arrives and sets up camp. Despite this, a warm friendship develops between two children from opposite sides of the fence – Abby (Indiana Evans), the privileged daughter of a wealthy family and an unconventional boy, Marian (Ross Pirrelli), one of the travellers. Marian’s loyal and almost human dog, Snobs, is the third member of their team. The arrival of the so-called ‘ferals’ causes much bad behaviour from some of the intolerant townspeople, particularly Abby’s snobbish mother (Nathy Gaffney) – she sees getting rid of them as a personal challenge. This clash of two worlds is the catalyst for a great deal of conflict; but it also brings adventure and intrigue for Abby and Marian who, with their optimism, innocence and humour, manage to overcome all the obstacles to their friendship and bring out the best in those around them.

Curator’s Notes:

This charming live action children’s drama series was produced by Southern Star Entertainment, for Channel Five in the UK and the Nine Network, Australia. Each of the 26 episodes is a self-contained adventure story with the overarching series story building on the culture clash between two very different worlds – middle class, intolerant suburbia and the alternative lifestyle values of the itinerant travellers.

This is Southern Star Entertainment’s second children’s drama series to be produced with the Nine Network and the UK’s Channel 5, following the success of Don’t Blame The Koalas (2002) a year earlier. Both series were devised and coproduced by experienced producer Noel Price from Southern Star Entertainment, whose credits include The Adventures of Sam (1998), The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill, The Girl From Tomorrow (1990), Outriders (2001), Sea Princesses, Tomorrow’s End, Tracey McBean (2004), and Blue Water High (2007). Noel Price was also an executive producer of this series, with Nick Wilson from Channel Five and Posie Graeme-Evans. Graeme-Evans is a veteran of Australian television production with production credits including Elly and Jools (1989), Hi-5 (2008), The Miraculous Mellops (1992), Mirror, Mirror (1997) and McLeod’s Daughters (2007).

The beautiful Australian bush and beach setting is of course designed to appeal to the international market. While this is a more traditional look and feel children’s drama than Don’t Blame The Koalas (2002), the opening episode in particular is an entertaining and rollicking pastiche of other popular Australian children’s television shows. The horseriding story could have come straight from The Saddle Club (2003), and the peeing scene echoes the irreverent humour of Round the Twist (2000).

Snobs won the 2004 Adult Jury Award for ‘Best Live Action Television Program’ at the 21st Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Titles in this series

Snobs – Episode 8 2003

When snobbish Rachael Oakley (Nathy Gaffney) reports the travellers to the council for having ‘rubbish’ everywhere, their recycling business is placed in jeopardy. Marian (Ross Pirrelli) has plans for an old bathtub and makes a bet with Abby (Indiana Evans) ...