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Police Rescue (1991 - 1996)

Drama series
65 episodes x 60 minutes

Series synopsis:

A drama series that each week presents a story about the work of the police rescue squad usually underpinned by a moral dilemma that will affect the safety of the squad’s work or how the team get on together as workmates and colleagues.

Curator’s Notes:

Police Rescue was an immensely popular series on the ABC during the 1990s. It began in 1989 as a telemovie made in-house at the ABC with money that the then head of drama Sandra Levy was able to scrape together from savings on other projects. The idea was to produce a pilot to attract overseas interest for a series. The idea worked and when Sandra Levy moved to Southern Star, the first series of Police Rescue was made with the ABC, Southern Star and the BBC as co-production partners. The series very successfully sold around the world. At the height of its popularity, in 1993, a feature film was made, just before the fifth (and last) series.

The head writer and writer of many of the episodes was Christopher Lee who has also written for some of Australia’s best known television drama series including Cody, Big Sky and The Secret Life of Us.

A one hour behind-the-scenes special called Police Rescue In Action was screened on the ABC on 9 March 1994.

Titles in this series

Police Rescue – By the Book 1990

Georgia Rattray (Sonia Todd) and Micky McClintock (Gary Sweet) are attracted to each other and drifting towards a sexual relationship. Then, while McClintock is acting boss of the squad for a couple of weeks, he finds himself having to protect ...

Police Rescue – Mates 1990

Steve McClintock, better known as Micky (Gary Sweet) lives for his work on the police rescue squad. One day he rescues a 'jumper’ called Bob (Philip Quast), a man who seems to have everything in terms of money and position ...