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The New Adventures of Ocean Girl (2000 - 2000)

Children's series
26 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

This 26-part animation is a mythical story set on the once peaceful planet of Oceana, where the sacred whales are the keepers of all wisdom and custodians of Oceana’s four life-giving crystals. When the evil space wizard Galiel stole one of the four crystals 2,000 years ago, it upset Oceana’s balance of nature and turned it to a water world. Now, with his power waning, Galiel is on the hunt again for the rest of the crystals. This time Princes Neri, the ‘Promised One’, is also on a quest – to find all the crystals and restore harmony to the planet. Her journey will lead her to a time of danger, discovery, adventure and achievement as, with the help of her friends, she conquers the evil wizard, and brings peace and harmony to Oceana.

Curator’s Notes:

The New Adventures of Ocean Girl is a 26-part, animated children’s television series, produced by the independent production company Media World Features and created at Media World’s animation studio, Animation Works. The series is based on the successful live-action children’s television drama, Ocean Girl made by Jonathan M Shiff Productions. While the title is the same, the two series are markedly different. This spin off is set in a science fiction space world, with an animated version of the Ocean Girl character, Neri, returning to her planet of Oceana.

This project followed the success of Media World’s animated series The Silver Brumby. Producers Colin South and John Tatoulis undertook a major creative and technological challenge with this series, by employing a unique combination of 2D traditional hand drawn animation with 3D computer-generated backgrounds.
The story is narrated by Sigrid Thorton, and voiced by Marg Downey, Michael Carmen, Samuel Johnston, Dennis Pryor and Marnie Reece-Wilmore. This series was awarded an Australian Guild of Screen Composers’ award (December 2000) for best original song for a movie, mini-series or television series, 'The Promised One’ composed by Keith Moore.

Titles in this series

The New Adventures of Ocean Girl – Hearing The Call 1999

Back on Oceana, after a three-year visit to Earth, Princess Neri (Marnie Reece-Wilmore), the ‘promised one’, has released her mysterious new friend Jobah from her uncle King Nemon’s (Dennis Pryor) prison and fled with him into the dreaded ‘tunnel of ...