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Mum’s the Word (2003 - 2003)

Talk show
12 episodes x30 minutes

Series synopsis:

A series of studio discussions led by the journalist Rebecca le Tourneau with a different group of women each week talking freely and frankly about the highs and lows of parenting.

Curator’s Notes:

The series is high on entertainment value, with an emphasis on showing that most parents share similar issues. By sharing these issues with others, we often learn more than by poring over books about parenting.

Rebecca le Tourneau keeps up the pace by deftly changing the subject whenever the conversation flags, while AJ Rochester, the comedian and writer, injects each program with interviews with parents from the wider community.

Titles in this series

Mum’s the Word – Episode 16 2003

A group of high achieving mothers, led by presenter Rebecca le Tourneau, discuss how they feel pressured by their children to buy, buy, buy. Included in this otherwise affluent group is a young single mother who talks about what it ...

Mum’s the Word – Episode 9 2003

A group of women, including actress Zoe Carides and broadcaster Amanda Keller, discuss body image before and after pregnancy with presenter Rebecca le Tourneau.