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More Winners (1990 - 1990)

Feature series
8 episodes x 60 minutes

Series synopsis:

More Winners is an anthology series of six quite different telemovies, shot and set in different parts of Australia. Ranging across comedy, drama, suspense, historical drama, adventure, fantasy, and social realism, these diverse stories explore issues such as friendship, independence, competition, decision making and conflict.

Curator’s Notes:

This was the final series of telemovies produced by the ACTF following their national and international successes with Winners (1985), Kaboodle (1987) and Touch the Sun (1988). Despite the award-winning quality of these films, the national and international markets for telemovies were rapidly drying up. The broadcasters preferred multi-episode series, set in the one place, arguing that it was easier to promote an ongoing character-based series and build up audience loyalty over a period of time.

By this stage it was also becoming increasingly difficult for the ACTF to keep filming in all states and territories, a key feature of these anthologies. A major reason for this happening in the first place was related to the funding arrangements with each state, which required that the Foundation film locally. For instance, His Master’s Ghost and Boy Soldiers were shot in Victoria, The Big Wish, Second Childhood and Mr Edmund were shot in NSW, and The Journey was shot in Tasmania.

With these constraints dictating the locations and nature of children’s productions, the ACTF moved to producing locally in Victoria. Its first effort was the hugely successful Round the Twist (1989), laying the foundations for a growing television production industry centred in Melbourne and Victoria.

Titles in this series

More Winners – Boy Soldiers 1990

In 1910, the Australian government passed a law requiring all boys aged between 14 and 17 years to register for compulsory military training. Between 1911 and 1915 more than 30,000 boys were prosecuted for failing to obey this law. Boy ...

More Winners – His Master’s Ghost 1990

A group of kids are on a music camp in a spooky old mansion. Some of them are more interested in the stories about a resident ghost than their music and young Flea (Simon Grey) is particularly fascinated by it ...

More Winners – Mr Edmund 1990

Cherry Williams (Rebecca Smart) and her little brother Sam (Steven Scott-Young) live almost under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where their mum Margaret (Rhondda Findleton) runs a boarding house for impoverished guests. With a mum who has forgotten how to dream ...

More Winners – The Big Wish 1990

The faeries in the Enchanted Realm are in trouble. The Charter of the Grand Master states that they must give seven wishes to humans every 100 years or they lose their magic powers. Somehow this time – with the sly ...

More Winners – The Journey 1990

On an isolated Tasmanian mountain plateau, 12-year-old Ada Zuckermann (Christen Cornell) lives with her wealthy miner father Justus (Owen Weingott). They are cared for by housekeeper Martha (Judith Stratford), and her teenage daughter Agnes (Melanie Boomer). Unbeknown to Ada and ...