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Love My Way (2004 - 2007)

Drama series
30 episodes x 60 minutes

Series synopsis:

Love My Way follows the story of 30-something artist and single mother Frankie (Claudia Karvan) and the extended family who surround the daughter she shares with ex-partner Charlie (Dan Wyllie).

Curator’s Notes:

Love My Way reunites producer John Edwards and actor Claudia Karvan, who worked together on The Secret Life of Us (2001-04), along with a number of other team members. This time Karvan co-produces as well as stars. Though early in development they considered revisiting characters from Secret Life their work ultimately evolved in another direction. Where Secret Life's characters were aspirational 20-somethings searching for the 'trifecta’ of partner, job and home, Love My Way focuses on an older ensemble dealing with choices they’ve already made. Both are relationship dramas exploring the concerns of a particular age group and social milieu but Love My Way ultimately has quite a different style and tone.

Most drama series involve a 'family’ of contrasting characters who allow possibilities for conflict and drama, be they flatmates, workmates or actual family. In this case it’s very literal: Love My Way's main thematic territory is the complexity of life in an extended 'blended’ family. As suggested by its title, Love My Way explores the different forms that love can take – but also the struggles of characters to love in the ways they want to.

While Karvan’s Frankie is at the centre of the series, it’s very much an ensemble piece, boasting complex, well-rounded characters. Love My Way stands out for its top-notch acting, high production values, restrained drama and wry humour. Its efforts were rewarded with consecutive AFI awards for Best Television Drama Series from 2005 to 2007, as well as Logie awards for Most Outstanding Drama in those years – a first for a pay TV show in Australia. Cast and crew have also been highly awarded.

Although in the early days of development there was a potential relationship with Channel Ten, ultimately the series was commissioned by and screened on Foxtel, Showtime and Austar, as well as selling well overseas. Its creators have speculated that this enabled them to take more risks than would be possible on a free-to-air commercial network and to head into darker territory with their storytelling.

Foxtel representatives have identified Love My Way as part of a drive to develop a profile for edgy, innovative and mature drama production similar to the pay TV channel HBO in the US. The connection is visible in the stylised opening titles by Jonathan Davis and Clarissa Donlevy that, in their saturated colours and typeface design, are reminiscent of titles for series such as HBO’s Six Feet Under (2001-05). Along with Stephen Rae’s moody score, they mark out this territory for the viewer.

Titles in this series

Love My Way – What’s in a Name 2004

Love My Way follows the story of 30-something artist and single mother Frankie (Claudia Karvan) and her extended family. Frankie shares custody of her eight-year-old daughter Lou (Alex Cook) with ex-partner Charlie (Dan Wyllie). Charlie is now married to Julia ...