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Legacy of the Silver Shadow (2002 - 2002)

Children's series
13 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Legacy of the Silver Shadow is a 13-part comedy-drama series that presents superheroes in a new light. Playing on the popularity of comic book and television superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman, the series follows the adventures of Josh (Alex Hopkins), Alex (Hannah Greenwood), Campbell (Aljin Abella), and Gretel (Sage Butler), four ordinary kids who are thrown together when they discover the Silver Shadow (Tayler Kane), a long-forgotten dead superhero. Although defeated in the 1950s by his arch enemy, The Crab (Ronald Falk), the Silver Shadow lives on as a digital recording in an old computer. Reactivated by the kids, the Shadow convinces them to take up his battle against evil and injustice.

The megalomaniacal Crab has also resurfaced and is training his brattish granddaughter Fiona (Eloise Mignon) as his successor, Crab Girl. In this ongoing battle of good against evil, our heroes are a mismatched and unlikely group, and although they take on the challenge it’s not easy being suburban superheroes especially when you have to work as a team. Crab Girl also proves a formidable and tricky opponent – but is their arch enemy really as evil as her grandfather?

Curator’s Notes:

This is an entertaining spoof on the whole superhero genre, with references to the glory days of superheros in the 1950s mixed with schoolyard antics, teenage troubles, and lots of laughs.

Legacy of the Silver Shadow was created and written by Chris Anastassiades and Ray Boseley, two ACTF stalwarts. Anastassiades has written scripts for a diverse range of TV, film and live productions, mainly comedy but also drama, including the films Yolngu Boy, Hating Alison Ashley and the feature film The Wog Boy with Nick Giannopoulos. TV writing credits include Noah and Saskia, Lift Off 2, Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers, Shark Bay, Round The Twist 3, Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, GP, Acropolis Now and The Col’n Carpenter Show.

Experienced children’s scriptwriter Ray Boseley’s writing credits include G2G, Book Bug, The Eggs, Faireez, Halfway Across The Galaxy And Turn Left, The Legacy of the Silver Shadow, Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers, Sky Trackers, The Wannabes and Five Easy Pizzas.

Hannah Greenwood, who plays the gauche new girl Alex with just the right amount of teenage awkwardness and earnestness, had her first ongoing children’s television role in a support role as the lead’s best friend in Horace and Tina (Jonathan M. Shiff 2000). Gaining experience in this co-lead role in Legacy of the Silver Shadow (2002), Hannah then went on to play the lead role as Saskia in the ACTF series Noah and Saskia (2004).

Titles in this series

Legacy of the Silver Shadow – The Feral Element 2002

Four kids’ lives are changed forever when they discover the secret lair of The Silver Shadow (Tayler Kane). The Silver Shadow is a long-forgotten superhero from the 1950s who is now just a voice and a grainy image on an ...