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The Inventors (1970 - 1982)

Magazine program
Weekly x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

A weekly television half-hour in which inventors are chosen from around Australia to explain their design before a panel of three judges who have expertise in science, engineering, design or marketing. Each week a winning invention is chosen that is then eligible for the overall prize awarded for the year’s best invention.

Curator’s Notes:

Beverley Gledhill was the original producer-director of The Inventors, which quickly became one of the ABC’s highest rating programs. It was hosted by Geoff Stone until 1979, when Stuart Wagstaff took over. Though the panel would change from year to year, the one person who remained a fixture was Diana Fisher. As Gledhill commented in an interview with Tim Bowden for his book 50 Years, people either loved or hated Diana, but they always remembered her as the slightly dippy dame who had no idea how to use tools and who complained about the colour of a gadget.

Tim Bowden’s book further records that in 1978 Beverley Gledhill was awarded a special Diplome D’Honneur by the Salon International des Inventions at des Techniques Nouvelles of Geneva in recognition of the work she had done to assist inventors.

Titles in this series

The Inventors 1980

The program is presented by Stuart Wagstaff who introduces four inventors chosen from all over Australia. The inventors present their unique designs to a panel of three judges that includes Diana Fisher, Dick Smith and Neville Quarry, who represent a ...