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Holly’s Heroes (2005 - 2005)

Children's series
26 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Fourteen-year-old Holly (Dominique Crawford), a talented and determined basketball player, was on the brink of realising her sporting ambitions in New Zealand when she had to move with her family to Woolich, a rural seaside town in Australia.

Holly is delighted to discover that Woolich is home to the Rams, one of the best regional basketball teams in Australia and assumes she will be good enough to join the team. Unfortunately she gets on the wrong side of Coach Peterson (David Roberts), a controlling and driven man. When she tries out for the team she discovers the Rams is a closed shop and there is no place for a brash newcomer.

True to her irrepressible spirit nothing keeps Holly down for long, and she sets up her own rival team. The Outlaws are a team of outsiders and misfits but Holly is determined to get them into shape so they can take on the Rams. It is not an easy journey and the team has to overcome many challenges along the way. They learn to work together and in the end, for Holly in particular, belonging to the team becomes more important than simply winning.

Curator’s Notes:

Holly’s Heroes is an Australia-New Zealand coproduction shot primarily in Australia with the lead role of Holly beautifully played by the charismatic New Zealander Dominique Crawford. Produced by Ann Darrouzet (Westside Films) Jenni Tosi (Day for Night) and New Zealander Dave Gibson (Gibson Group) it is based on a kid’s basketball team.

This is a warm, funny and well-paced comedy drama and the basketball focus, along with the strong emphasis on relationships and personal growth, appeals to a wide audience. I suspect that lots of kids might begin playing basketball after viewing this series – my son did!

Titles in this series

Holly’s Heroes – Crunch Time 2005

This is episode seven of a 26-part series about basketball mad Holly who, on moving from New Zealand to Australia, decides to start her own team after getting knocked back by the local team, the Rams. Holly’s rebel team is ...