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The Gillies Report (1984 - 1985)

Sketch series
20 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

The Gillies Report was a satirical series on prime time ABC television, sending up the politicians and personalities of the day. Most memorable was a political debate between the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke and the Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Peacock, both played by Max Gillies.

Curator’s Notes:

The Gillies Report was an enormous success when it flashed onto our television screens in the mid-1980s. The series also featured John Clarke, Wendy Harmer, Tracey Harvey, Phillip Scott and the magnificent Patrick Cook. Only two series were made, followed a few years later by The Gillies Republic (1986) and Gillies and Company (1992). The Gillies Report came out of a fine flowering of comedy programs from ABC Television that included Australia You’re Standing In It (1983-84), The D-Generation (1986-87), The Aunty Jack Show (1972-73), Mother and Son (1984-93) and Kath and Kim (2002-current).

Titles in this series

The Gillies Report – Series 1, Episode 4 1984

This week’s Gillies Report includes the news read by John Clarke with inserts from various politicians of the day played by Max Gillies, and a National Press Club debate between the Prime Minister Bob Hawke and the Leader of the ...