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Foreign Exchange (2004 - 2004)

Children's series
26 x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

The adventure of a lifetime happens to fourteen-year-old Brett (Zachery Garred) when he discovers a portal in the old house where he lives in Perth, Western Australia. He is able to walk through the door and come out in Ireland, the other side of the world. In return, Irish girl Hannah (Lynn Styles) can now travel from her life at a strict boarding school in boring, rainy Galway, to a sun-drenched beach in Australia, whenever she feels like it. Landing in a different culture and place allows for all sorts of mishaps and adventures as the two heroes awkwardly try to adjust to, and get the best out of, both worlds.

Curator’s Notes:

Foreign Exchange is a delightful 26 part series, co-produced by Australian Southern Star Entertainment and Irish Magma Films. This $9 million production was filmed in Galway, Ireland and at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia. It is an amusing and refreshing comedy-drama for children, based on the simple notion of what happens when two kids become fish out of water in the different hemispheres.

The characters, including the support roles, are quite well developed in these stories and the choice of locations makes it a visually delightful series. It is an inspiring change to see a series using the wonderful beaches of Perth and in particular the iconic Indiana Tea House on the beach at Cottesloe. This building stars in its own right as the home of Brett and his family. In comparison the choice of Galway as the rural Irish contrast is equally inspired.

Foreign Exchange won an APRA-Amcos Screen Award – Best Music for Children’s Television Title in 2005 for composers Chris Neal and Braedy Neal. It first screened on the Nine Network.

Titles in this series

Foreign Exchange - Episode 2, Shark Attack 2004

Fourteen-year-old Brett Miller (Zachary Garred) has discovered an amazing portal In the old Perth beach house where he lives, which takes him to Ireland. When Irish girl Hannah O’Flaherty (Lynn Styles) finds out about it, she wants to come to ...