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Faireez (2005 - 2005)

Children's series
26 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Faireez is a 2D digitally animated preschool animation series set in Faireezia, a magical, enchanted world with floating castles, shivering timbers, gotcha streams – and 'faireez’. At the fairee school, young faireez Gabby, Polly, Tucker and Tim are learning to perfect their magical powers to achieve their fairee wings. Life would be peaceful in Faireezia under the rule of King Farley the Fair if it weren’t for Jumpalina the big-footed baddie who wants to take control of the kingdom, with her sneaky sidekicks, Sir Jumphrey and the crazy Spyballs. Guided by their adored teacher Fairy Master Higgeldy, the little faireez do their best to foil Jumpalina’s dastardly plots. Luckily her spells don’t always work properly and as the faireez become more skilled, her tricks become harder to pull off.

Curator’s Notes:

Faireez is a cheerful and enchanting animation for young children. The predictable narrative structure and small group of core characters help young viewers quickly identify with the stories. The four young faireez – Gabby, Polly, Tucker and Tim – are very appealing. Their growth as faireez is an important part of each episode, and across the overall series, they learn about problem solving, becoming independent, helping each other, and of course, defeating evil!

Faireez is a 52-episode series produced by Moody Street Kids (Australia) in a coproduction with Funbag Animation (Canada) for GMTV United Kingdom, Network Ten and Nickelodeon Australia. (The Ten Network screened the series from 1 October 2005 as 26, 24-minute, episodes.)

Production company Moody Street Kids was created in 2003 by Gillian Carr (Australia); formerly the children’s commissioning editor for a leading UK Broadcaster, and award-winning writer Don Arioli (UK).

Half the scripts were written by Australian scriptwriters Philip Dalkin and Ray Boseley and the other half by Canadian writers. While the character voices are an international mix of English accents, most of them were voiced by Canadian actors. Australian Helene Joy did the voices for the characters Gabby and Polly. The flash animation was produced by March Entertainment in Canada, and Viskatoons in Melbourne. Post-production was done in Australia by Brisbane’s Liquid Animation.

Faireez composer Christopher Elves won the 2006 APRA–AGSC Screen Music Award for Best Music for Children’s Television for episode 40, The Glittering Glade. The series has sold internationally to France (France 5 and Canal J), Italy (Mediaset), Ireland (RTE), Latin America (Cartoon Network), Middle East (Universal Art), Turkey (Digiturk), Philippines (GMA7) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh TV).

Titles in this series

Faireez – A Chilling Plot 2005

Quincy Questholler, Faireezia’s flying security guard, panics again! This time the weather has gone mad in sunny Faireezia, and it is snowing. Of course it is Jumpalina, the big-footed baddy in her floating castle, up to her tricks again. Wise ...