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Eugénie Sandler PI (2000 - 2000)

Children's series
13 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Fifteen years have passed since private investigator Ray Sandler (Brett Climo) fled from Versovia with an unknown baby girl in the back seat of his car. Eugénie (Xaris Miller) has been brought up by Ray as his daughter until one day her life is suddenly turned upside down. Detective Matt Gurney (Martin Jacobs) tries to kill her, mysterious Versovian people try to kidnap her and, at the same time, Ray disappears. Eugénie, with the help of her gawky schoolfriend Warwick (Matthew Vennell), sets out to find her father and unravel the mystery about who she really is.

Curator’s Notes:

Eugénie Sandler PI is a terrific old-fashioned 13-part thriller, created by the award-winning author and children’s television writer David McRobbie, who came up with the concept with Ewan Burnett (Burberry Productions) for the ABC. Eugénie Sandler PI is the second of three television series Burnett has made with writer-creator David McRobbie, the others being The Wayne Manifesto (1997) and Fergus McPhail (2004). Burnett describes David McRobbie as ‘one of the most child-focused people I’ve ever worked with. His storytelling ability is phenomenal’.

In an inspired move, producer Margot McDonald brought acclaimed director Ana Kokkinos (The Book of Revelation, 2006; The Secret Life of Us, 2004; Young Lions, 2002; The Original Mermaid, 2002; and Head On, 1998) on board as series director with the brief to create ‘a more sophisticated than usual look’ for this kids’ series. The result is an exciting and visually innovative TV show.

Eugénie Sandler PI won the AFI Award for Best Children’s Drama Series in 2000.

Titles in this series

Eugénie Sandler PI – Episode Two 2000

Crooked detective Matt Gurney (Martin Jacobs) detonates the explosive planted in the Sandler home but Eugénie (Xaris Miller) and Warwick (Matthew Vennell) manage to escape. Tony (Darcy Bonser), a young street kid, offers to help them only for Eugénie and ...