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Eco House Challenge (2007 - current)

Reality series
6 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Two families have been chosen to see if they can live along ecologically sustainable lines so as to leave a less damaging footprint on the environment. There’s an MC of sorts (Glenn Hall) who imposes the rules and an eco coach (Tanya Ha) who assists each family to find practical and economically viable ways of keeping down their usage of water, electricity and the car.

Curator’s Notes:

The two families are well chosen. They’re great talent and come across as, just like most of us, huge users of energy in their lives and unaccustomed to making do with less. The structure of the series has been well worked out for entertainment value and for helping all of us to learn valuable lessons for ourselves from the plight of these two families.

The series is the original idea of Prospero Films’ Julia Redwood and Ed Punchard, and the idea has taken off around the world with some countries picking up the franchise and others simply broadcasting the Australian series.

There was an online website to coincide with the broadcast of the series offering extra information, where to buy eco-friendly goods and services and an array of competitions to maintain audience participation. Prospero Films prepared the site while SBS hosted it on their server.

Titles in this series

Eco House Challenge – Episode 1, Stop Your Gassing 2007

Two Australian families have accepted the eco challenge to turn their lives around by changing their daily usage of water, transport, energy and waste removal. One family is led by an ex-army commando father, who uses this opportunity to teach ...

Eco House Challenge – Episode 3, Emission Impossible 2007

The families from the first two programs who had to survive for 24 hours with no water, electricity, cars or waste disposal, have now had one of those resources returned so long as they can cut their household emissions by ...