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Don't Blame the Koalas (2002 - 2002)

Children's series
26 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

When the penniless, upper-middle-class 'Kings’ of England inherit an Australian wildlife park, life for them, and for their cousins, the 'Kings’ of Australia, will never be the same again. English widow Gabrielle King (Fiona Terry), her pretentious daughter Gemma (Hollie Chapman) and young son Gregory (Liam Hess) are totally out of their depth when their planned quick trip to sell their inheritance and return cashed-up to continue their previously very comfortable lifestyle back in England becomes, by necessity, an extended stay. The Australian Kings, Kate (Basia A’Hern, and her brothers Chris (Henry Nixon) and Mark (Shaun Loseby) have the right to continue living at their home, Wallaby Wildlife Park, until they are grown-up; and with their wildlife handler Vinnie (Anh Do) they are appalled at what these new cousins are planning. With lots of culture and personality clashes, the drama and comedy develops as the Kings have to learn to live together.

Curator’s Notes:

This 26 part series Don’t blame the koalas (also known as Don’t Blame Me in the UK) was filmed in the Australian wildlife reserve in Waratah Park NSW which was previously made famous as the home of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. (Skippy, an iconic Australian television series was produced from 1967 to 1969 for the Nine Network by Fauna Productions and Norfolk International Pictures).

Don’t blame the koalas was written and co-produced by Noel Price from Southern Star Entertainment, whose production credits include The Adventures of Sam, Blue Water High, Bottle Top Bill, The Girl From Tomorrow, Outriders, Sea Princesses, Snobs, Tomorrow’s End and Tracey McBean.

With a strong focus on the exotic background of Australian animals which feature throughout the series, this Australian production has been made with an eye to the UK market. It has a slightly surreal look with the use of special comic visual effects, and the use of striking extra sound effects which are a signature of the series.

Young British actor Liam Hess as Gregory King won an Australian AFI Young Actor Award in 2003. Stand–up comedian and actor Anh Do is in the supporting role of Vinnie the wildlife handler.

Titles in this series

Don’t Blame the Koalas - Episode 1, Fate Steps In 2002

When Mrs Medlow (Eileen McEwan) dies, Kate King (Basia A’Hern) and her brothers Mark (Shaun Loseby) and Chris (Henry Nixon) discover that some unknown English relatives have inherited their run-down wildlife park, Wallaby Park. They look forward to the arrival ...