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Crash Zone (1998 - 1999)

Children's series
26 episodes x 30 minutes

Series synopsis:

Crash Zone is a 26-part series exploring the adventures, trials and tribulations of a group of five young teenagers in the context of the 21st century cyber world. Mike (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Pi (Cassandra Magrath), Bec (Frances Wang), Marcello (Paul Pantano) and young Ram (Damien Bodie) are clever, creative and all very different. They share a love of computers, gaming and the internet and they meet when they land the job of their dreams – testing prototype computer games for Alexander Davis (Nicki Wendt) and her struggling software company, Catalyst. With Virgil (Matthew Parkinson), the artificial intelligence who lives in cyberspace, life at Catalyst is exciting and demanding as they tackle the challenges and issues involved in the use of new technologies along with all the problems and complications of their lives and relationships.

Curator’s Notes:

Crash Zone is an engaging and terrific looking series, which explores the emerging world of cyberspace and computer games. Crash Zone was the first series coproduction between the ACTF and Disney.

Titles in this series

Crash Zone – The Dream Team 1998

Five very different Melbourne kids, Mike (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Pi (Cassandra Magrath), Bec (Frances Wang), Marcello (Paul Pantano) and Ram (Damien Bodie) independently discover a coded message while playing games on the internet. By following the clues and playing the game, ...