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Beyond Tomorrow (2005 - 2007)

Magazine program
51 episodes x 60 minutes

Series synopsis:

A magazine-style series that showcases cutting edge science and technology, filmed all over the world and presented by an attractive array of hip reporters.

Curator’s Notes:

Beyond Tomorrow originally began in 1987 as a remake of the flagship Beyond science and technology magazine series Beyond 2000 (1985-1999). The new version was made solely for the US Fox Network with American reporters. When Channel 7 wanted Beyond to resurrect their magazine program Beyond 2000 in 2005, they used the title of the US Beyond Tomorrow, which they’d always owned. Three series were broadcast on Channel 7 from 2005 until 2007 and continue to be screened on Foxtel in Australia on the Discovery Channel.

The Beyond company began as a production house and distribution company for Beyond 2000. The program originated as a series on the ABC called Towards 2000. When the series was axed by the ABC, the reporters took their format to Channel 7 who encouraged them to form a company. From its very first year of production, the original series was sold around the world and its success in the US established a long-term relationship between Beyond and the US Discovery Channel, which has been mutually beneficial to both the US broadcaster and the Australian company.

Beyond now has offices in Washington DC, San Francisco, Dublin and London. Other series from the Beyond stable include Mythbusters on SBS, which is popular in Australia and one of the five top rating programs for the Discovery Channel in the US. There’s also a three-part series The Human Journey (1999) and its follow up, Stories From The Stone Age (2003), among many others.

Titles in this series

Beyond Tomorrow – Episode 39 2006

From building your own super car to the bus that drives itself and the most advanced robot in the world, this fast and furious program brings to the screen cutting edge technological advances that the Beyond team have combed the ...

Beyond Tomorrow – Episode 51 2006

A fast-paced magazine-style program that explains tomorrow, today. This episode shows a device that can be inserted into your brain to prevent depression and a gadget to explain supernatural phenomena, while we see the future of the aeroplane, the car ...