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Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1977 - 1977)

Documentary series
4 episodes x 60 minutes

Series synopsis:

Four documentary programs about possible miscarriages of justice in Australia. The cases examined by criminologist Professor Gordon Hawkins are The Case of Ronald Ryan, Alexander McLeod Lindsey, Leith Ratten and Van Beelen.

Curator’s Notes:

A chilling aspect of this series is that in one instance, the Ronald Ryan case, the accused was hanged in 1967, in what turned out to be the last execution in Australia.

Professor Hawkins presents each of these searing stories with the skill of a legal professional for whom the law is not the mystery it is for most of us laypeople. His explanations, aided by animation, dramatic recreations, photos and voice-over sequences, allow us to play the role of a juror and help us to decide whether or not the accused in each of these cases should have been found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Titles in this series

Beyond Reasonable Doubt – Alexander McLeod Lindsey 1977

In 1964 Alexander McLeod Lindsey was sentenced to 18 years in jail for the brutal bashing of his wife Pamela, who recovered but was severely brain damaged as a result. A judicial enquiry five years later upheld the original jury ...

Beyond Reasonable Doubt – The Case of Ronald Ryan 1977

Ronald Ryan, a convicted armed robber, was the last man to be hanged in Australia. The year was 1967. It was alleged he’d shot a warder as he and another prisoner, Peter Walker, made their escape from Pentridge Gaol in ...