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Christmas Hustle and Bustle: Crowds Leave for Well-deserved Holiday on 22 December (1928)


This item from a silent newsreel shows Melburnians during the Christmas season of 1928, including Christmas shoppers crossing Swanston Street in the pouring rain and two swagmen drinking in a Melbourne park. The newsreel contains intertitles.

Curator’s notes

This newsreel item comes from a 35mm nitrate film print which contains a number of segments from 1918 and 1928. Only some segments from the newsreel survive and there is no beginning or end titles on the film to indicate its provenance. All of the stories centre on events in Melbourne.

In the 1910s and 1920s there were a number of locally-produced newsreels in operation including Spencer’s Gazette, Pathe Animated Gazette, a regular newsreel from Johnson and Gibson, and the most well known, the Australasian Gazette. These items may well have been made for a Melbourne-based newsreel such as Johnson and Gibson’s or Spencer’s Gazette. Before the days of television, newsreels provided a source of information to the cinema-going public. They screened as part of a film program in cinemas that would typically also feature a short documentary and a feature.