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Vivien Straford 1927–1937 (1927)


This is a 9.5mm home movie compilation of footage filmed by Vivien Straford of his family between 1927 and 1937. It includes scenes in the family garden and at a picnic, and features Vivien’s wife, their parents, their son Jim and other relatives.

Curator’s notes

Vivien Straford (1897–1971) was an avid maker of home movies. He purchased a hand-cranked Baby Pathé 9.5mm camera in a brown leather case in 1926 or 1927 and used it to record his family life over the next 10 years. Vivien operated the camera with only one arm, having lost his right arm while serving in France during the First World War. Nevertheless, he was able to continue with his hobby and passed on his enthusiasm to his sons Frank (born 1931, who compiled these home movies) and John.

Enthusiastic amateur filmmakers, Frank and John created short animations, science-fiction dramas and travelogues under the name of SBF (Straford Brothers Films) and were especially active in the 1950s.