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Prime Minister Rt Hon. WM Hughes visits Western Front (1918)

  1. This is an excellent article and gets to the crux of the issue 2 days before the 4th of July battle of Hamel.

    Continuous criticism drawn by Bean & Murdoch at the character and heritage of the Australian supreme commander John Monash threatened to overturn the impending offensive.

    Monash was holding together a coalition of soldiers including, inexperienced American's who had never acted under any other commander's other than American.

    Monash had to plead with Hughes to retain his command in light of the offensive. Hughes was reassured on the elevation of rank of John Monash in the light of the Australian and British senior ranks support.

    There is NOTHING at the Australian War Memorial of the prejudice that Monash had to endure during his participation as a soldier during WW1.

    I would think it would be highly appropriate that the War memorial create a permanent exhibition highlighting prejudice that the racial minorities had to endure before, during and after their participation in the Great War.

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