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Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections (1931)


This is from the Efftee Entertainers series of variety shorts and shows eight members of Melbourne’s Chinese Orchestra performing in a film studio.

Curator’s notes

The Efftee Entertainers short film compilations of musical, comedy and vaudeville acts were made between 1931 and 1933. They were filmed in His Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne, where Frank Thring had set up his talking picture studios, Efftee Studios. In most of the items a static camera films the performer on a simple stage. Aside from the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra (a performance which stands apart from the variety items), the Efftee Entertainers series featured musical performances by Jack O’Hagan (composer of 'The Road to Gundagai’), George Wallace (who acted for Thring in Harmony Row, 1933, and His Royal Highness, 1932), Ada Reeve, Minnie Love, and the Williamson-Imperial Grand Opera Company.

The Efftee Entertainers series screened as part of Efftee’s talking picture film programs locally and was later repackaged for British release as Non-stop Variety shorts.