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Clip description

Australian Coca-Cola boss Frank Hunter (Max Gillies) tells second-in-command Fred (Paul Chubb) that Becker (Eric Roberts) is a whiz-kid. Terri (Greta Scacchi) starts work as Becker’s secretary.

Curator’s notes

An amusing sequence about culture clash. With the broadest of Aussie accents the newspaper vendor (David Argue from Razorback, 1984, and Backlash, 1986) tells Becker to ‘take it or leave it’ when asked if he stocks American newspapers. At company HQ Fred and Frank sit in an office overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House and wonder if Becker might be a bible-bashing Yank. Anything but a mousy secretary, Terri disarms Becker with her bold conversation. The portrayal of Becker is not as an ‘ugly American’. He is curious and bemused by the people he meets in this far-flung outpost.