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Clip description

The tension erupts in the desert as Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz) tells Alex (Shaun Evans) that Sophie (Amelia Warner) spent the night with him. They fight, and Taylor becomes the victim in Sophie’s eyes. Frustrated, injured and ill from the drugs that Taylor has fed him, Alex finally tells Sophie the truth about what happened in Sydney. She is unimpressed.

Curator’s notes

The film has a consistently strong sense of design, typified by the final shot of this scene, with the three characters seen from a high camera position – or the shot at the beginning as we see Taylor approaching Alex, clicking his fingers and walking almost jauntily. Taylor is an expert manipulator of Alex and he knows that Sophie is watching, but well out of earshot. This fight in the desert has an almost classical feel – like a western. The whole movie, in fact, has a distilled sense of character and plot elements – three characters, a car and a long isolated road.