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Wings to Victory (1984)


A film celebrating the win by 12-metre yacht, Australia II, at Rhode Island USA. The Australian yacht beat the American entry, Victory. It was the first time that America had lost the America’s Cup in 132 years. The documentary uses footage from the race, footage taken on board the Australia II, and archival material from news sources.

Curator’s notes

Winning the race enhanced the reputation of owner and Australian businessman, Alan Bond, who went on to borrow large sums of money during the prosperous 1980s. The then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, was swept up in the excitement of the win and eulogised Bond’s victory. The overexcited commentary tells us that 'never before in sporting history has an event so captured the imagination of the world’, calling it 'the race of the century’, and referring to 'supermen in a superboat’.