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The Last of the Nomads (1997)


A feature-length documentary about an expedition into the Gibson desert to find the last suriving nomadic couple, Warri and Yatungka. After breaking tribal marriage laws, they fled into the desert and have not been seen since. Using historical footage and re-enactments, the journey of the old couple is retraced in an effort to bring them into civilisation.

Curator’s notes

A bleak yet curious story based on the 1983 book of the same title by WJ Peasley. A severe drought is emaciating the homeland, and it is for this reason that Warri and Yatungka’s people initiate a search for them. Either way, whether Warri and Yatungka are found alive or dead, this story is always going to be tinged with sadness. If they are found dead, their people will mourn, but if they are found alive and brought into civilisation, leaving their homeland will represent the end of thousands of years of Mandildjara occupation of their desert home.