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Temple of Dreams (2007)

  1. This guy Fadi is kidding. I mean he's doing a great thing for the community - but he thinks the council wants to shut him down because they are Muslim - it is purely to do with Zoning, it is the law - not racism.
    He kept saying - they're all against us - when it had nothing to do with anyone against anyone - it was simply the council rejecting an application on legal grounds. Does he think if he was 10th generation Caucasian that he would of got it passed? Of course not. Mate - the rules are the same for everybody - Please do not incite racism by blaming rules on racism - The guy is doing a good job for kids in Auburn - but how bout you stop blaming racism on everything and just teach them respect, honour and how to be an Australian.

  2. #1 from Macca – 14 years, 3 months ago.
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