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Tall Tales but True: David Williamson – playwright (1994)


Australian playwright David Williamson is interviewed about his professional and personal life. The documentary is intercut with segments from his plays and adapted films, home movie footage and stills. His wife Kristin and professional peers are also interviewed. David returns to his country school, goes to the theatres where his work was performed and is seen at home in waterside Birchgrove, Sydney.

Curator’s notes

Producer and director Don Featherstone is particularly good at making documentaries about people in the arts. He has managed to record Williamson and his wife in a relaxed and interesting way. Featherstone’s credits include, Australia Revealed, The Daylight Moon, Babakiueria, An Imaginary Life and The Beach. In addition to his plays, David Williamson’s screenwriting credits include, What If I Died tomorrow?, Money and Friends, Sanctuary (all seen in the documentary) and Emerald City, Travelling North and Gallipoli.