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Rachel’s Story (1997)


At sixteen, Rachel began working as a prostitute in Kings Cross and became addicted to heroin. She met Clive, who helped her recover from the addiction and give up prostitution. They subsequently married. Some years later, Rachel decides to help a prostitute reform as she has done. The documentary uses an observational style to follow the unfolding story.

Curator’s notes

The filmmakers have been given intimate access because Rachel wants to use the film to help prostitutes. The second half of the documentary is remarkably frank when Rachel and Clive try to save Cheryl. They fail to do so, making the documentary even more poignant. Director and writer David Roberts’ credits include, Dealing with the Demon (1995), The Irish Empire (1999),Stress (2000), Sugarman (1996) and Talking About Aboriginal Art (1992). Producer Will Davies credits include In the Footsteps of Champagne Charlie (1995), The Last True Action Hero (1995), Voyages of the Bounty’s Child and When the War Came to Australia (1992).