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Ningla A-Na (1972)

  1. Hungry for Our Land

    Who has NOT seen perhaps Australia's greatest independent documentary film about the real battle to setup the Tent Embassy in 1972 ?

    And Why not ...?

    Ningla A-Na (72min) records with graphic in-your-face details the Aboriginal Sovereign Tent Embassy establishment and the subsequent police attacks to remove it ...

    Ningla A-Na - is an independently produced film which is 'freely' available through perhaps a single source.

    An truly inspiring film. Thank you Alessandro Cavidini, Fabio, Carolyn and crew.

    Respect those for fought - and those who filmed.

    ps Is it timely to negotiate an special upload of a full official HD digital version for a limited time .... in the Australian public interest ... (Yes/Yes)

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  3. Yes it is timely to negotiate a special upload of a full official HD version in the Australian public interest.

  4. #2 from JanEss – 9 years, 1 month ago.
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