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Moodeitj Yorgas (1988)


Made during the 1980s, Moodeitj Yorgas is an experimental documentary by Tracey Moffatt on prominent Indigenous women. Moffatt uses her experience as a visual artist to make a film that is somewhat experimental and unconventional about the strength of Aboriginal women in dealing with racism, the justice and health systems, psychology, Stolen Generations, mission life and Aboriginal women in various industries throughout colonisation.

Curator’s notes

Moodeitj Yorgas produced totally in the studio, has its subjects framed in a typical interview situation, but with voices out of sync. Moodeitj Yorgas is dedicated to the late Gloria Brennan, a Wongi woman from Western Australia, 'A strong woman, a Moodeitj Yorga’. The bold, solid colours of the 1980s are represented in this film, and are a contrast to the still photography – the other component that communicates the themes of this short film. The soundtrack adds an interesting tone to this film about Indigenous women almost giving an out of this world feel to the narrative.