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Land Mines – A Love Story (2004)


Shah, a former Mujahideen soldier in Afghanistan, courts a Tajik girl, Habiba, and marries her. The couple have both been the victims of landmines. The wars of the latter half of the 20th century have left 110 million mines hidden in the ground. Every twenty-two minutes a civilian is killed or injured by a mine. It is estimated that Afghanistan still has ten million unexploded landmines in the ground.

Curator’s notes

Filmmaker Dennis O’Rourke has made a moving documentary about the horrors of landmines, personalising it by introducing us to a couple in love in Afghanistan. Both have suffered the loss of limbs by landmines, but having survived this terrible event, are making a life together, despite the struggle to make ends meet. Land Mines, a Love Story is excellent filmmaking, powerful in its description of the human destruction by landmines, but giving us hope for the future. Dennis O’Rourke’s credits include The Sharkcallers of Kontu, Cunnamulla, The Good Woman of Bangkok, and 'Cannibal Tours’.