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Franklin River Journey (1980)


The documentary traces the journey down river on a raft by amateur botanist Antonius Moscal. The Franklin River is part of the south-west wilderness of Tasmania.

Curator’s notes

The film was commissioned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and was produced by the Tasmanian Film Corporation in 1980. The Tasmanian Parliament was considering damming the Franklin River for hydro-electric purposes. After a parliamentary screening they decided to leave the area untouched because of its unique splendour. The film changed the course of history. It was directed by Bob Connolly and written by Connolly and his partner Robin Anderson. The couple are responsible for making some of Australia’s finest documentaries. Their credits include, First Contact, Joe Leahy’s Neighbours, Black Harvest, Rats in the Ranks and Facing the Music. Robin Anderson died in 2002.