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Frame Up. Who Bombed the Hilton, Who Didn’t? (1983)


Filmmaker Irina Dunn presents a case for the innocence of the three Ananda Marga members convicted of conspiracy to murder the leader of the National Front in 1978. They were arrested after the terrorist bombing of a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel. The filmmakers interview lawyers, jurors and family members of the imprisoned men. Archival footage, newspaper headlines and evidence from the trial are featured. The film was produced in 1983. After two trials, a Section 475 inquiry, and an appeal to the High Court, the three men were acquitted in 1985

Curator’s notes

The trial of Paul Alister, Tim Anderson and Ross Dunn is one of the most controversial legal events in Australia’s history. A number of books have been written about it and several other films produced. The event is an interesting example of the power of the media, particularly television, to question the legal system and point out an injustice. Would the three men have been cleared of the crimes in a non-democratic country where media is more restricted?